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Scale-Miniature Tack
Size Codes
TR = 1/9" Traditional Scale
CL = 1/12" Classic/B-Ranch Scale
LB = 1/24" Little Bits Scale

W1. Stock Halter. Color Group 2. Color Group 3 for an additional charge of $2.50.
  • W1a. Plain Halter TR $25.00 CL or LB $24.00

  • W1b. California Braid Halter. starting at TR $35.00 CL/LB $34.00

  • W1c. Ferruled Halter. Ferrule color choice: silver-tone or gold-tone. TR $35.00 CL/LB $34.00

  • W1d. Plate Halter. Metal Plates on Halter & Lead Rope. Starting at TR $40.00 CL $35.00 LB $32.00

W2. Leather Lead Rope w/Chain & Hook. Color Group 2. Color Group 3 for an additional charge of $2.50. TR, CL, or LB $5.00

Stock Halter -- Scale Miniature
Western Bridle
Western Bridle
"Silver" Ferruled Version
Cast Bit Option
W3. Western Curb Bridle. Split ear or browband. Roping, romal ,or split reins. Come with photo-etched bit. Cast Bits available as W5. Color Group 2. Color Group 3 for additional charge of $2.50.
  • W3a. Plain TR $25.00 CL/LB $24.00
    MAKE THIS BRIDLE YOURSELF with our Inset Braid Western Bridle Kit

  • W3b. Inset-Braiding on straps. TR $35.00
    MAKE THIS BRIDLE YOURSELF with our Inset Braid Western Bridle Kit

  • W3c. California Braid. Floss & floss braid accents. Floss Colors -- Color Group 7. starting at TR $37.50

  • W3d. Split Strap. Cheek pieces & browband are slit & accented with California Braids. TR $45.00

  • W3e. Ferrules. "Silver" or "gold" ferrule beads decorate bridle. TR $35.50

  • W3f. Split-braid Bridle. Antique style. Braiding on headstall & reins. TR $30.00

W4. Quick-Change Artist Bridle: 6 bridles in 1. Headstall, ear piece & browband, all 3 rein styles. Bit clips or Jump Rings allow you to switch reins at will. Great Value over separate purchase. Color Group 2.
W5. Western Bridle Bit Option. Cast bit substituted for plain bit. Must be purchased with TW3 or TW4. No fee if bit supplied by customer. TR or CL $13.50

W6. Bosal. Flat strap headstall covered with braiding on brow, cheeks, and noseband. (Noseband is round strap.) Mecate is hand-braided. Has throatlatch. Color group 2 for strap colors; Color group 7 for braid colors. TR $55.00


W7. Bronc Halter & Lead. Stock halter w/wide noseband & hand braided round lead rope. Halter: Color Group 2; Lead Rope: Color Group 7.

Bronc Halter
Bronc Halter with monogramming
Bronc Halter

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